Crowdfunding for Calais

Doctors of the World UK is an international humanitarian aid organisation which provides medical care to vulnerable people in over 70 countries worldwide. Their projects range from emergency response to sustainable healthcare development. With the migrant situation in Calais reaching crisis levels, the charity set up a Campaign to help provide aid.






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Doctors of the World
“When the media coverage of the migrant crisis in Calais changed its narrative to a humanitarian crisis, we knew we had to act fast. The team at JustGiving helped us set up a Campaign Page within an hour so that we were able to start taking donations and people could set up a Fundraising Page for the Campaign. We love that with a Campaign Page, people can fundraise for something specific as we are unable to do that on our own website.” Smaranda Cosma, Fundraising Manager .

Their goal

There is a humanitarian crisis happening in Calais and Doctors of the World UK is the only charity providing medical help on the ground. The charity wanted to raise funds fast to help them provide essential medical consultations, counselling and psychological support services to the migrants.

Their solution

The charity quickly set up a Campaign Page, which allowed people to fundraise for the Campaign. They added lots of photos to the image gallery from their work in Calais so people could see the conditions on the ground and what the charity is doing to help the migrants. Doctors of the World did a lot of PR and gave the URL of the Campaign Page to the press, which meant people could come together and show their support all in one place – either by donating to the Campaign or creating their own Fundraising Page.

Their success

The Campaign has raised over £64,000 - absolutely smashing their original £5,000 target!

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