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Fundraising stories deserve to be heard

Raising money for charity shows someone cares deeply about your cause. Doing it online with a Fundraising Page makes it easy for them to share their story on Facebook, Twitter and on email, so they can inspire more people to give to your charity.

Key features

Make it personal

From adding photos, to posting updates, people can tailor their Fundraising Page to suit them.

Set a fundraising target

Pages with targets raise 46% more. Encourage your supporters to be brave and tell the world what they’re aiming for.

Share on social media

We’ve got Like and Tweet buttons in all the right places, so it’s easy for people to share their Fundraising Page.

Best for

Enabling individuals to fundraise online

Reaching new donors

What the people say

“JustGiving makes fundraising easy for our supporters from page set-up to sharing it across their online networks. Social sharing is one of our top tips for fundraisers and JustGiving makes it so simple”. Teri Doubtfire. Digital Fundraising Manager at Willow

What the stats say


Raised by Pages with photos

1 in 5

Donation shares result in another donation


Raised when fundraisers post updates

Your questions answered

Do we get the fundraiser’s data?

Yes. You can use their email to contact them about their Fundraising Page and if they opt-in to communications from your charity, you can also send them marketing newsletters.

Is it easy to donate on a mobile?

It sure is. Our mobile-optimised donation flow makes it easy for people to give on any device.

Can people fundraise as a team?

Yes. With our team pages, people can join together their Fundraising Pages and work together to reach a fundraising target.

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